Friday, July 6, 2012

Frosting, Smoothies, and Vegetables....With Rainbow Sprinkles

Whoa. Blogging, day one! To be honest, my brain went completely blank when I saw the flashing little typing  thing on the screen. What do I say to the wide world out there? Well, I guess the best thing for me to do would be to talk a teeny bit about myself (something I don't actually like to do all that much), and my blogging plans. Honestly, I am a tad obsessed with food, and I think my family is getting a little tired of hearing me swoon over butter, green smoothies, and cake. So I figured, there must be people out there who think in recipes like I do and would actually be interested in "that new recipe" I tried, or the bizarre combination of things I threw in my blender that actually turned out to be delicious. Are you?
    While I could easily eat cake and soft serve ice cream with rainbow sprinkles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I'm actually a pretty healthy girl. I plant a vegetable garden because I love the idea of growing my own food. I'm recently infatuated with green smoothies, I love veggies and hummus, and I sometimes try to sneak healthy things into not so healthy recipes. But yes, the dessert-obsessed, coffee-cake-devouring-machine side of me is ever present.
    So. Dear Big-Wide-World,
                    please enjoy my rantings about frosting, smoothies, and vegetables....with rainbow sprinkles.

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